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RoxymentMoney Central India's first Loan Providing platform for All the types of loans. Our goal is to provide the different types of loans like home loan, personal loan, project loan, mortgage loan, Overdraft(OD) limit, Cash Credit(CC) limit, Letter of Credit(LC) limit, Car and Unsecured loan. We provide the following investments like Fixed Deposit, Insurance, Mediclaim.

Our basic motivation is to connect borrowers and lenders to form a network of financial marketing. We believe that loan origination and management can become much easier with an efficient process.

Our Business Partner

We Work with India's top Banks and NBFCs

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If you're thinking about borrowing more, we're here to help.

How can we help you

  • Buying a car
  • Take control of your finances
  • To Increase Working Capital
  • Adding value to your home
  • Increase your budget
  • Have a day to remember
  • Get a new card
  • Get a Mediclaim
  • Get an Insurance
  • Get a higher rate of interest
  • Help your kids
  • Renovate your home

Why Choose us?

Money in 7 Days!

We give the service in very short time. We Provide the money or any type of loan services within 7 days.

Helpfull Staff

Our staff are very helpful.communication skills are also necessary to communicate important policy matters to their subordinates without any confusion.

Credit History Considered

Credit Scores are as good to banks and other financial institutions. RoxymentMoney has tied up with Experian, which means that we can help you check your Credit Score for free.

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Check your credit reports as often as you want, it won't affect your scores.

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